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Large landscape water treatment

  • Ecological treatment of underwater forests
  • Large landscape water treatment equipment

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Ecological treatment of underwater forests

Synopsis:Low-carbon submerged water ecological restoration technology, is a kind of water ecological restoration, water quality deep purification, water landscape creation of water body comprehensive management technology.
The key to solving eutrophication in water bodies is to rebuild a healthy water ecosystem. The core is the restoration of submerged plants, the restoration of the water body from an algae-type turbid water state to a grass-type clear water state, and the restoration of the water body's self-purification capacity.

Large landscape water treatment equipment

Synopsis:Oxygenated filter system is a mature and reliable water treatment technology, with stable operation, made of PVC, long service life and no manual operation; after the pump is turned on, the system operates automatically, basically without maintenance. For users to save
Imitate the natural law of self-purification of water, through the unique aeration and oxygenation technology makes the water body into the equipment for full aeration of dissolved oxygen, in the incorporation of oxygen at the same time, volatile ammonia, nitrogen and other (constituent elements of urea) harmful gases, through the gas-water mixing, enhanced
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